Friday, December 09, 2005

update: The video stream has been pulled, so hopefully you've gotten a chance to see it. If anyone knows where to get a transcript, please let me know. Thanks!

An anonymous poster (thanks!) brought this to my attention. Brisa recently appeared on show which entails a round table discussion b/w different artists and writers. From my weak translating abilities the header reads: "Midnight Words: Philippe Lefait (host-pictured) receives guests to speak about culture, words which they have to say, to see, to hear.." It's about an hour and a half show which can be streamed via wmv. It has the worst intro and camera angle, ever & the editor needs to relax, as you will see - but it is quaint, artistic and it is French. The best parts are the few times she lets some giggles loose & how it'll snap it all back home, whether you're French or American or neither.

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