Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On Feb. 20th, Brisa will be doing a solo show in Paris at The cafe de la danse, which I believe means "Dan's Coffee". To reserve a spot and avoid a really obnoxious site with pop-ups and an out of date flash interface (not because it's in a foreign language, but because it's tedious, more style than substance & slow) go to:


Anonymous said...


I'm French and I discovered two months ago the album of Brisa.
I like her music.
Do you know personnaly ?
I have a ticket to see her on stage at the Café de la danse but unfortunately I had an accident so I couldn't go to the concert.
I'm trying to make a website dealing with Brisa.
A simple one.
if interested you can have a view at
It is not the definitive address.
It's in French only for the moment.
And it's not finished.
I have so much ideas so it's taking time ...
I will be glad to have more information about Brisa if you can tell me.

Have a nice week end



Anonymous said...

for your information, the gig is sold out.
Good luck to Brisa. I hope the gig will be as good as the one for Radio Nova at La Scene Bastille.