Thursday, April 06, 2006

Got an email from B. the other day. As usual, it's cryptic & full of hidden information. Here's the distilled version:

- "The show Monday was fun, full up. I didn't talk much but danced in slo-mo like a space queen while Erik truffaz played reverby horn. Feel like it's the start of a real "band" first time in so so long."

- "Worried about leaving so soon to NYC, but at least we tour first together, birthday show in Italy!"
Who's birthday? Brisa's? New York? The new Franco-American Invasion begins. Sounds like she's gearing up for a worldwide tour to show off the re-tooled album for the States & some of Europe. If there's any more info, you know I'll have it.

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Jennifer said...

Not Brisa's birthday, that's at the middle end of May. I promise to take good care of her when she is here in NYC.