Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Birthday, Brisa!
Today is her 32nd Birthday, go ahead and leave her a birthday wish in the comments!



Hi this is Christian from Marseille, aka ULTRATECKEL ( i also make music:
J'ai vu Brisa en concert, il y a 2 jours à Sanary et c'était inoubliable!J'étais au 1er rang (j'ai crié ma joie) et je suis quasi tombé amoureux, lol!
J'aurais beaucoup aimé discuter avec Brisa...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRISA!!!
à bientôt

Christian aka ULTRATECKEL

Anonymous said...

bon anniversaire Brisa! de tes amis anglais...
x mooch x

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Baby Bee! I texted you 2,000 times yesterday, but you were probably too busy being a super-star to notice. I will see you on Sunday and there will be so much love one or both of us may explode.

isa92/isatagada said...

Hi there !

Sorry i missed you B-day. Funny though cause i was thinking about you those last days :)

So you're in NY. Lucky you !

Hope you're okay. And Happy (late) Birth-day !


(la fille qui a fait que ce jour de sortie d'album à la Fnac des Halles, ce jour où tu te sentais un peu seule tu ne l'étais pas vraiment ...)

*runs to the TARATATA board to update your topic and to myspace to add you as a friend !*

Terence said...

happy birthday, late

et juste merci