Thursday, June 08, 2006

Somebody stole Brisa's stuff. On tour in France, her bus was broken into and her precious things taken. She's not a rich girl, she's not swimming in luxury - she's a fucking musician. So, if you've heard anything about her stuff being peddled anywhere, please let us know. She'd just like to get her personal things back. She's in N.Y. to play several shows, it's not cheap there.
B doesn't need her material things to appreciate being there, though. She's excited about the shows, about the soundtrack she's working on and wearing hot pants for a photo shoot, recently.
Drop by her myspace profile and leave her a message of encouragement. She's ready to record a 2nd album. Let her know you're ready to hear it.


Anonymous said...

super !!!


A board of brisa :

Anonymous said... message. hav always loved u and will always. Just the way u R.