Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It "Takes" Time...
Pack up your sleeping bag and tent, get back in your car. Brisa's new album 'Takes' has been delayed, as she's decided to spend some more time with (and without) the work. Of course, it's possible that her label could release a single to tide us over...write to her label and ask them to! To read her explanation, see her myspace blog. My French is limited to a handful of words gleaned from Godard films and surrealist texts, so I'm not sure what it says other than something about a mountain, sausages and this collection of works by D.H. Lawrence" .. But, from speaking with her, she's very happy with the fact that she's stayed true to herself and how evident that is in 'Takes'.
.. In the meantime, listen to some of the samples at her myspace page and enjoy this lovely photo by Fortuna (warning: some of the photos in his portfolio contain nudity, but not Brisa's).

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