Monday, November 05, 2007

Brisa's new album hits shelves tomorrow - no word yet on how to get a copy in the States, but Brisa working on getting me information as soon as possible! Unfortunately, at press time, Discograph has not returned any emails. Write to them through their myspace page here and tell them you want a copy! Good news: If you live in Europe you can order a copy through iTunes or Amazon!


Jérémy said...

Hello from France...

Just to say that i've recently discovered Brisa Roché's work - really love it - and bought the two albums on itunes store a week ago. Perhaps it's available there for US ?

Big thanks to Brisa for those two beautifull albums,


Joao said...

read a comment on a portuguese newspaper on "takes" and got to hear some tracks on myspace. it's quite interesting and while I don't have a copy, I'm discovering "the chase". and it's quite nice I must say.
take care