Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hope you caught Brisa on TVMonde5, last night! Brisa says she had a very good time - apparently it's a talk show shot in a bar. She was accompanied by writer Samuel Benchetrit, again, performed a new song called "Palace Eyes" & signed autographs for fans - a quick night's sleep, got on the plane in Toulouse and headed back to Paris. In case some of you didn't get the joke - she will not be playing at "Dan's Café" - it translates from the French to: "Café of the dance", which makes even less sense.
She's looking forward to the show on the 20th, as apparently some of you are, too. Send me a pic @ & I'll post the best ones. I won't be responding to anonymous comments, sorry.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On Feb. 20th, Brisa will be doing a solo show in Paris at The cafe de la danse, which I believe means "Dan's Coffee". To reserve a spot and avoid a really obnoxious site with pop-ups and an out of date flash interface (not because it's in a foreign language, but because it's tedious, more style than substance & slow) go to:

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I asked Brisa about her FNAC appearance which another anonymous poster mentioned - having no idea what it was - "Yeah...I'm gonna do five or six shows at different FNAC stores in France, by myself, just me with my Destroyer, my amp and a mic on a little stage.. I guess they'll just last half an hour or so. The one in Paris is at the fancy FNAC. Then...Lyon and Toulouse...I'll have the schedule on Friday." I assume it'll be a signing, too. If you can attend, send us some pics to post & tell B you heard about it here.

Update: Brisa won't have a proper in-store performance schedule for a while. I will post it as soon as it's available to her. If you hear anything out there (as we've seen, sometime's you're always the last to know), drop us a line.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

An anonymous poster (thanks!)
put this link to B's InRocks video
in the last post comments,
I thought I'd highlight it
- it's in French, but
pretty fun for us yankees,
It features some of
the recording sessions
for 'The Chase' and Brisa
jogging, for some reason.
Maybe she's practicing her
'Hard Days Night' escapes.